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New analysis on La Banque Postale

New analysis on La Banque Postale

La Banque Postale creates an international precedent. The French bank La Banque Postale is the first big bank to stop financing all new oil and gas. The bank also announced a full oil and gas phase out by 2030. Click here for more
New analysis on Allianz

New analysis on Allianz

Allianz released a new ambitious policy restricting insurance coverage for the oil and gas sector. Unfortunately, the policy fails tackling the risks related to the development of new gas infrastructures. Click here for more.
New analysis on Lloyds

New analysis on Lloyds

UK banking group Lloyds published a new oil and gas policy in March 2022. It is now the first UK bank to exclude the direct financing of the development of new oil fields, but does not rule out support for oil & gas developers. Click here for more

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World Energy Outlook: what is the new normal?

The report outlines how the IEA’s 1.5°C pathway impacts investments on oil and gas and rules out new oil and gas fields beyond those already approved. Click here for more

Throwing fuel on the fire: GFANZ financing of fossil fuel expansion

This report outlines how, despite net-zero commitments by 2050, GFANZ members have continued pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into the companies most involved in developing fossil fuels projects. Click here for more

Liquefied gas, solid problem

This report outlines the critical role played by private finance to enabling the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Many LNG import terminal projects have yet to secure financing and insurance coverage. Click here for more

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